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What we LOVE in our Travel Bags

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

There are some items in our travel bag that we absolutely could not live without.

Travel Adapter - we used to carry around LOTS of different adapters. Like... maybe 10-15 separate adaptors because we had multiple items to charge at any given time and we travel wherever the wind takes us so we needed to be prepared no matter what. But no matter what we did, we never seemed to have enough of the right type of adapter, we would fight over whose turn it was to USE the adapter and finally we said "enough is enough". We each bought ONE of these amazing little adapters and peace and harmony has been restored to our charging dynamic. We also love that they come in different colors so we always know whose is whose (in case your wondering.. Emma has the green one and Ofer has the blue one)

Water Bottle - We are always on the go and we get thirsty! We've tried a few different water bottles at this point but so far we like this one the best. We also had a list of requirements we needed from a water bottle: 1) the place your mouth touches needed to be protected. 2) it needs to have a hook to hold on to. 3) it needs to be insulated - no one likes that hot water half way through a sunny hike.

Prvke Backpack/Camera Bag - About 6 months into our trip we realized we needed to seriously level up our backpack. We needed a bag that would safely store our camera equipment but also give us QUICK access to the camera when something awesome suddenly started unfolding before our eyes. The other major frustration was needing to take out all of our laptops and ipad during TSA screenings and it was always a nightmare. This bag changed it all, everything feels safe and secure but it's also reaaaallly easy to get to everything quickly and without unpacking the whole bag.

Luggage that always fits - we've had this carry-on luggage for years and we're always surprised at how much it can fit and how much of a beating it can take. When we started our full-time travel we bought this other backpack set-up which had a lot of pros, but it wasn't long before we started dreading packing and carrying those backpacks. Even simple subway rides became something to dread. So we stopped back in the USA to visit our little storage locker and grab our trusty Travelpro luggage. We are SO happy switching back, travel days are joyous again! We wheel these things around for hours, over cobblestone, over curbs, through wet conditions, through sand, through gravel... we're constantly amazed at how well these bags have held up and how convenient they are. Make sure you get the "International" version to ensure it will fit in every overhead compartment.

Tote Bag - Tote bags are nothing new, you can find them at every grocery store, event, and website. But they are the perfect travel companion. You'll find that plastic bags are not as common in other parts of the world (or they charge you extra) and a tote bag is way more comfortable and durable anyway. We also like they they double as a practical souvenir. We each have about two tote bags that we use ALL the time for grocery shopping, hauling laundry, and as our "personal item" on an airplane when we've accumulated too many gifts to bring back to friends and family.

GoPro Hero 7 - everyone knows what a Go Pro is by now and for good reason. It's tiny, it's packable, it's waterproof... it's practically indestructible. We love that we can put it through just about anything and the stabilization on this new version really is worth the upgrade.

This Incredible Camera - I'm going to be brutally honest here... we are not worthy of this camera. The footage with this new camera is in pre-production right now (vlogs should be out in the upcoming weeks!) and it really is beautiful. But watching us use it is like watching the cavemen at the beginning of 2001: A Space Odyssey. We were using a combination of our phones and our mirrorless camera which was pretty good but we weren't able to connect an external mic which left us with some poor quality audio and our low-light shooting just couldn't shine through in anything but a full frame camera. So we took the plunge and are frantically trying to become worthy of this beauty. We can't wait to share the new footage with you, I hope you can notice the difference! We'll release a full list of all our camera gear after the new vlogs go out - stay tuned!

Noise Cancelling Headphones - When you travel full time, you learn to live in tight spaces together. But sometimes we want to give each other some privacy. These noise cancelling headphones are GREAT. While one of us is taking a phone call, the other can continue to edit these vlogs or watch a movie without any interruptions. Also, when you get stuck on a flight with some noisy passengers, these are a dream.

External Hard-Drive - I wasn't editing these videos very long before I realized that hours and hours of footage and thousands of photographs take up A LOT of space. I use a Mac and this external hard-drive has been my best friend. I still back up online but we all know that upload speeds are not great everywhere we go. So when I'm stuck I'm comforted in knowing that I have somewhere to keep it all. We have the 4TB size.

Phones - We are constantly impressed with the pictures and videos this phone can take. It's no replacement for our full frame camera but I have to say that if you were tight on cash and/or space, this is a tool that can accomplish just about everything (if you use a little creativity). Is it good for anything other than a wide angle... not really. Is it good in lowlight... ehh, not really. BUT it's a PHONE! And you know what, for wide angle in daylight it is GREAT.

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