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Our Vlogging Gear

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Our Camera - Sony a7iii

We LOVE this camera. It's ability to take low light video blows our minds.

Our Lens - 24-70mm f/4

We decided to start with just one lens. We really like traveling light and we want to see how far we can get with just this. So far it's perfect in 90% of situations.

Gorilla Pod 5k

We had a long conversation with a camera store representative who really tried to talk us out of buy

ing the Gorilla Pod. She firmly felt that this was the worst version of a tripod... but we're so happy we got it anyway! For people like us, who are on-the-go in a variety of st

range (and sometimes moving) places it's perfect. It stays firmly propped up on a very bumpy train ride, you can balance it on an uneven rock in the middle of the forest, you can wedge it in a crevice. It's just so multifunctional, we love it.

Our Microphone - Rode VideoMicro

I'm constantly surprised at how well this mic performs. It's small, inexpensive, and doesn't require an external battery.

GoPro Hero 7 Black

The GoPro; it's the classic, tiny, indestructible, waterproof nugget that goes wherever you need it to. Perfect for water adventures or taking on a motorbike (or any other crazy adventure), the hyper stabilization on the GoPro 7 is really impressive.

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